Holiday in Italy? Anschober pushes the pace

Precisely because the cooperation works so well, a concept for regional easing is currently being developed. Had requested this Carinthia Governor Peter Kaiser. There are currently only three infected people in his state, who had not had any new infections three weeks earlier. It is unacceptable that half a million people living in Carinthia live, still with face masks in Open have to sit and shop in stores.

Angler says he fully understands the argument and is open to suggestions. But: “Even a federal state is not an island virus be introduced. “

Gym lessons soon?

The logic of starting up is not clear in some areas: Why are gyms allowed to open tomorrow, but there are still no gymnastics classes in schools?

Angler again points to the common working process with the federal states – it does not rule out the possibility of the schools before the vacation still result in changes.

… and vacation in Italy?

And how about with vacation? The Minister of Health held up four fingers in the “Interview in numbers” with the magazine “Biber”. Which four countries are they?

Angler explained that he had typed spontaneously – but one currently knows that on June 15, some countries around Austria will open their borders. Be still open Slovenia – but the numbers look good, he said. Talks about a solution too Italy the minister announces for next week.


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