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Holiday in your own country, how do you do that?

There is a chance that we will not be able to spend our summer holidays abroad this year. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to cross the border to enjoy a well-deserved rest week. Try a “staycation” or “holistay”. This way you save money and discover how much fun it can be at home!

Stay what?

A staycation means that you have a holiday, but choose to stay at home. It is budget friendly, takes little time and you can do everything at your own pace. In addition, how better to relax than in your own familiar environment at home? There are a number of things that can make your staycation unforgettable and we will list them for you.

Quality time

You finally come to a day of fun with your nephew or that afternoon of crafts with your girlfriend. Plan your activities ahead so you have something to look forward to! But above all: take a distance from work and switch off your phone. Your staycation is the perfect way to re-establish ties with your friends or family! Of course it is important to take the current situation into account when making the plans. Prefer to be at a distance? Then we have these tips for you!

Bring the tropical feeling into your home

Are you unable to travel to tropical destinations yourself? Then you just get the tropical destination to you! Visiting your favorite beach tent yourself is still difficult, but on Pinterest there is enough inspiration to create the holiday feeling in your own home or garden! Choose colorful accessories to transform your house and garden into a holiday palace and before you know it you will imagine yourself in the colorful Middle East!

Go for a nice wicker hanging lamp to bring the summer into your home and choose furniture with bamboo details for the real tropical feeling. Details such as openwork baskets and cushions with animal prints are also a feast for the eyes and you can imagine yourself in a tropical atmosphere with this type of decoration. Wait, are you on safari now or are you just sitting in the living room?

Get to work!

Are you not into sitting still? Then you can of course also enjoy working in the garden. Then you can enjoy your staycation even more! How about scrubbing the terrace? And can’t your garden use some new furniture? Get your inspiration here!

For more staycation inspiration you can visit the website of Loods 5!

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