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Home Alone in Concert is coming to the Netherlands

For many, pure Christmas nostalgia: Home Alone, especially part 1 in which Kevin McAllister is accidentally left at home alone during Christmas, with the necessary consequences. Nice news: just like classics like Star Wars and The Gladiator got a ‘concert edition’, it is now the turn of Home Alone. In Concert So.

Even though it will take 233 days until Christmas, for some the anticipation may not start early enough. This way you can peak in 365 days a year Christmas Palace, with all kinds of Christmas baubles, trees, angels and other types of vitamin K, or you can Home Alone look. Surely one of the Christmas films since the nineties, which is still alive, also on social media.

Good news for the enthusiast who, after watching the film several times, is looking forward to something new. Home Alone in Concert coming to you this Christmas. Or at least to Rotterdam.

Home Alone in Concert

The compelling music in the film, composed by film music guru John Williams, is arguably just as iconic as the film itself. The legendary composer is known for his work for countless classics, from Star Wars, ET and Jaws until Superman, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Harry Potter and much more.

Already after hearing a few notes you are completely in the film. That certainly applies to Home Alone, which was nominated for an Oscar in two categories: best score (film music) and best original composition for the instantly recognizable Somewhere In My Memory.

This song and all the other compositions that Williams made for Home Alone, be during Home Alone in Concert performed live by the North Pole Orchestra and the Netherlands Concert Choir. The more than 140 top musicians and choir members will ensure a unique interplay between the hilarious film scenes and one of the most successful soundtracks in film history.

In other countries, with their own orchestras, the concert was already a great success.

RTM Stage Rotterdam

Home Alone in Concert takes place in the new RTM Stage in Rotterdam. This new theater hall, part of Rotterdam Ahoy, was completed in 2020.

Love Actually

In 2019, the North Pole Orchestra brought all that other Christmas classic to life musically, during the cinema concert spectacle Love Actually in Concert. You don’t have much with Home Alone but with Love Actually? As a warm-up to Christmas this concert will be performed again.

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Christmas anticipation can begin: Home Alone in Concert is coming to the Netherlands


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