HomePod makers will sell their own speaker with startup

Designer Christopher Stringer and engineer Afrooz Family co-founded Apple’s HomePod speaker. Stringer helped design the HomePod, Apple Watch and iPhone. Family is responsible for how the HomePod spreads sound around the room, making it sound like you have multiple speakers.

With their new company Syng, they are now working on a new speaker, Financial Times reports based on sources. The company would first like to sell the Cell: a ‘revolutionary’ speaker whose sound is indistinguishable from reality, the duo promises to investors.

At the end of this year

The Cell is expected to be sold in the fourth quarter of this year, although it remains to be seen whether the corona virus will delay. Then the company will not only compete with Apple, but also with Sonos and Denon, among others.

Renowned Apple employees have already started for themselves before. iPod key person Tony Fadell left years ago to found the smart home company Nest, which has since been taken over by search giant Google.


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