Honda and Mash: These 125cc motorcycles are very affordable!

These 125cc motorcycles for motorists also cost surprisingly little

The interest of motorists in 125cc motorcycles has been growing since the small bikes can be ridden with additional training. AUTO BILD has already presented five inexpensive 125 cc, here are more!

D.he interest in 125 lightweight motorcycles has grown significantly since motorist in Germany after one Additional training 125cc motorcycles are allowed to drive. AUTO BILD has already done three times cool 125cc for drivers presented (Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3). In addition, an overview of the most popular 125cc as well as particularly affordable models (part 1) – because not everyone who is interested has it 5000 Euro left over that cost many 125cc. Now we have searched the market again and in Part 2 another 125 before that for enjoyable little cash are available!

Mash offers Chinese technology in beautiful clothes

With Seventy, Seventy Five, Black Seven and Dirt Track (picture), Mash has three bikes on offer.

Mash from France offers the same several 125s that don’t cost much. The cheapest series is the Seventy 125 For 2295 euros. There is one for that simple knitted machine from China With 11.6 hp and one specified Top speed of 95 km / h. The Seventy 125 and theirs Sister Seventy Five 125, which is 300 euros more expensive (with more chrome) are done properly and delight smaller drivers with theirs manageable seat height from 78 centimeters. Unfortunately for both of them so far no ABS to get the drivers have to deal with the Combination brake CBS Put up with.

For a little more money there is the Mash partner Black Seven 125 For 2695 euros, the Dirt track 125 For 2995 euros and the Falcone 125 (3095 euros). The Black Seven 125 quotes the Looks like British motorcycle legends from the 1960s, while the Dirt Track 125 is located in the US Dirt track racers and the Falcone at the Ducati scrambler leans on. The Dirt track has with full twelve hp slightly more power than Seventy 125 and Seventy Five 125, the Falcone with smooth eleven hp slightly less. What all bikes have in common is that they comply with the emission standard Euro 4 create.

At Hyosung, cool style also goes with small bikes

Inexpensive 125cc motorcycles with driver's license (part 2)

Casual retro design also works in small sizes: Hyosung shows this in an exemplary way with the GV 125 S Aquila.

Also the Korean manufacturer Hyosung shows that it cool bikes for manageable price gives. The GV 125 S Aquila looks like a shrunk American bobber. She has the typical Balloon tires, one low seat, one flat handlebars and is almost completely in black held. There is also a relative short fork and a elongated exhaust system. The Korean’s engine is a specialty for the 125cc class: According to the manufacturer, the Hyosung is powered by a high-torque engine V2 with 14 hp driven. This should not only make the machine unique, but also bring it closer to the American role models. To complete the bobber look, Hyosung is also used for the GV 125 S Aquila Accessories such as bags and crash bars to offer. The price is within limits 3595 euros is it starting.

Honda offers affordable entry into the world of two-wheelers

Inexpensive 125cc motorcycles with driver's license (part 2)

You can’t drive a brand new Honda cheaper in Germany than on board the Vision 110.

The cheapest option, on the German market Honda two-wheeler Driving with street legal means Vision 110. Is the Vision 110 at all a Motorbike in the strict sense? What is certain is that Honda might most reliable two-wheelers ever builds. And the cool appearance is likely to be the case for some motorists interested in 125 cc no matter what. In addition, the Honda Vision 110 costs just about 2535 euros.

Therefore there is 8.8 hpthat on 102 kilos empty weight meet – and completely a lot of everyday use. The Honda Vision 110 has a large helmet compartment, enjoyable large wheels for stable handling and one quite by their standards large payload after all 75 kilograms. The manufacturer gives 88 km / h top on. Bargain hunters can find out about the consumption looking forward. It is almost continuously within the range of just under two liters per 100 km.

Thanks to its large tank, this KSR creates an immense range

Inexpensive 125cc motorcycles with driver's license (part 2)

The GRS 125 from KSR Moto is considered the range queen among the 125s. 17 liters of fuel fit in the tank.

The GRS 125 from KSR Moto from Austria may seem a bit inconspicuous at first glance. But the slim machine has one clever detail under the sheet metal: in theirs tank fit whole 17 liters of fuel! She does that at the specified consumption from 2.1 liters on 100 kilometers to Reach Queen among the currently available 125 cc. It comes down to impressive 800 kilometers radius of action. The GRS 125 is cooled by the airflow, braking is combined. With 10.9 hp and 95 km / h top the Austrian is a good vehicle for the morning trip to the office. Price: 2499 euros.

The Riejus have their genes from Japan

Inexpensive 125cc motorcycles with a driver's license (part 2)

The 9.8 hp unit of the Rieju Strada goes back to Yamaha – including durability.

The also offers a very similar motorcycle concept Spanish manufacturer Rieju with the Strada 125 and her sister GT 125 on. The main difference between the two motorcycles is that the GT 125 one higher front fenders and a Upside-down fork Has. Of the price is identical, both bikes cost each 2799 euros. The rather unknown manufacturer should not prevent interested parties from taking a test drive. The air-cooled unit both motorcycles goes on Yamaha back what reliability and longevity suggests. 9.8 hp take care of 144 kilograms Empty weight for proper propulsion. The two Spanish women also draw on this powerful range from their tank. (Cheap 125cc motorcycles: Part 1)


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