Honda CB 650 R (RH08): mid-range motorcycle in an endurance test

Someone has to imitate her: she hasn’t ridden a meter yet – and everyone loves her. The team is hot on the Honda CB 650 R, the colleagues are already looking forward to rides with the endurance test machine. Because she looks gorgeous and because she hits a nerve.
The new Honda CB 650 R will be our guest for quite a while. In the endurance test by AUTO BILD MOTORRAD, it is intended to show how the engine copes with everyday life, who gets along with it and what is happening in terms of reliability, consumption, brake and tire wear.

At the same time we collect plenty of driving impressions and tour reports. We deliberately chose the RH08 – the type code of the bare machine. Honda refers to this type as the Neo Sports Cafe.

Honda CB 650 R

Well-rounded: Classic headlight shape, ultra-modern bright LED interior.

The CB 650 R serves the retro trend that is so popular at the moment. She is not a pale copy of one of her ancestors, but radiates independence and modernity.

With its 95 hp, the Honda is one of the typical representatives of the middle class – an option for the A2 throttling with 48 hp is a positive side effect here. Their systems promise an informative collection of terminal spines anyway. The alert four-cylinder should like both sporty and courageous rides as well as low-stress cruising or extended tours.
Honda CB 650 R

Fully under control: 180/55-17 rear tires, plus traction control – ultimately first-class grip on dry roads.

For travel we want to equip the Honda with a luggage system and tank bags. Also planned: a large consumption report. When does the Honda start drinking, on which occasions is it particularly economical? After all, the four-cylinder for the 2021 model year has been meticulously cleaned in accordance with the Euro 5 standard – with so much white in the vest, the CO2 value should also remain within limits. Until then, she can look gorgeous and strike a chord.

Honda CB 650 R endurance test: first impressions

Lars Hänsch-Petersen

“The Honda is a VW Golf on two wheels. Anyone can use it right away. Great! The seat height of 810 mm suits my relatively short legs well. The sensitive front wheel brake can be operated with two fingers. Only a tank pad nobody thought of Without it, the jacket buttons scratch the paint unsightly.”

Mirko Menke

“‘Candy Chromosphere Red’ is the name of the beautiful color that dresses our endurance test bike CB 650 R. The great-granddaughter of the CB 600 F Hornet is just as suitable for driving through city traffic to work as it is for brisk laps on winding country roads. The four-cylinder remains cultivated in all situations. A successful everyday motorcycle.” (Bike innovations for 2022)
Honda CB 650 R

One for all: Digital cockpit, analogue rev counter, warning lights as clear indications.

Matthew Moetsch

“The CB 650 R shows classic style without trying to be retro. Striking round headlights, prominently presented technology including an artistically curved exhaust manifold – great! The sewing-machine-like four-cylinder suits me more than two or three-cylinders. Seating position and knee angle are for me (1.79 m ) not optimal.”


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Jan Horn

“In this displacement and performance league, pretty much every engine type is represented. Single-cylinder, V2, three in line – everything is there. But nothing would have fitted this motorcycle better than the classic 650 series four from Honda. It beats in the CB a pleasantly universal four-cylinder heart. It has a velvety hum in the partial load range, at the same time proudly shows in the low-revving speed range that a real machine with steel and strength is toiling away inside and winds with pleasure towards five-digit speed regions. At the latest then you can feel the promised 95 PS very clearly.

Honda CB 650 R

Brand new: just run in, zero wear – ready to start the endurance test!

Suspension, guidance through the chassis, brakes, seating comfort and position of the CB 650 R are in the inconspicuous range, the gearshift works very cleanly, and the modern cockpit provides impeccable information. In short: In our new endurance test candidate, the machine dominates the driving experience. The engine is present, the handling binding. It fits me perfectly. The next few months will show whether it stays that way.”

You can read more about the endurance test Honda in the next issue.

Specifications and price: Honda CB 650 R

engine R4, liquid-cooled
displacement 649cc
perfomance 70 kW (95 hp) at 12,000 rpm
Max. Torque 63 Nm at 9500 rpm
Top 197km/h
tires v./h. 120/70R17 / 180/55R17
seat height 810mm
Weight 203kg
tank capacity 15.4L
Price 7775 euros

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