Honda Civic Type R (2022) again with three tailpipes and wings

The new Civic generation will go on sale in autumn 2022 – now Honda has got ahead of our spy hunters and has published the first pictures of the new Type R. On the other hand, they are reluctant to provide information about the new edition. The only thing is that the tests at the Nürburgring are now starting and that the car Will be presented in 2022, gives Honda price. With a view to the market launch of the regular Civic, it can be assumed that the sports version will not be available at dealers until 2023.

Next Civic Type R again with three tailpipes

But let’s get to the design. Anyone who has feared since the introduction of the eleventh generation of the compact that the next Type R would come along without spoilage and tamer will be taught better with the photos. The new Sport-Civic is also coming with large tail flightsl, but it is now a little more filigree and flatter. Another important feature of the predecessor is also taken over: the three central tailpipes. So far, the central tailpipe was smaller than the two specimens on the sides, now it is the largest in the series. A diffuser can be seen all around under the camouflage film. Otherwise, the rear now looks smoother and less rugged.
Honda Civic Type R.

Compared to its predecessor, the grill looks a bit compressed, which should look more harmonious in the unhidden car.

At the front, in addition to the new, narrower headlights, the enlarged central air intake is noticeable. It is not yet possible to say whether the well-camouflaged areas to the left and right of it now also accommodate large side air inlets. The large Brembo brakes with red calipers are already visible.

Honda Civic prototype

There are no official pictures yet, but the interior of the Type R should resemble this rendering.

So far, Honda has only shown the interior of the new Civic edition as a rendering. The sports model should take over the horizontally designed cockpit with digital instruments, but get its own displays, sports seats and the typical aluminum gear knob. And of course the colors black and red dominate.

The Type R is probably the last Honda with a pure combustion engine

The next Civic Type R could be the last Honda with an all-internal combustion engine. Honda had announced that it would electrify all models by 2022 – but not the compact sports car. Autocar reports. Accordingly, the new generation could again with the two-liter VTEC engine of the current model ancestors. Probably with a small increase in performance compared to its predecessor, currently the turbo engine in the R type has an output of 320 hp and 400 Nm (here’s the long-term test). It has already been announced that again switched by hand will. However, nothing is official yet. The new Type R could also come with a hybrid drive, all-wheel drive and up to 400 hp, as another rumor suggests.

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