Honda could bring back the S2000 with a Civic Type R engine

Honda could bring back the S2000 with a Civic Type R engine

The blessed Honda S2000 is burned into memory with its glorious high-revving vacuum cleaner. Now there are rumors about a new edition with Type R turbo!

M.ith the S2000, Honda built something like the pure teaching of driving. High-revving naturally aspirated engine, rear-wheel drive, manual transmission – and all of this packaged in a compact, lightweight roadster. Since the hiring in 2009, fans have been waiting in vain for a successor. Possibly not for long, because According to Forbes magazine, Honda is considering a new edition, which could hit the market in 2024. Forbes refers in the message to an unspecified “Honda-related” source.

Civic Type R engine

The two-liter four-cylinder of the Honda S2000 turns up to a crazy 9000 rpm.

© Ulrich Sunday

The two-liter four-cylinder vacuum cleaner should make way for the four-cylinder turbo engine from the Civic Type R in a new edition. This is where the VTEC unit performs in the current expansion stage 320 HP, which would surpass the ancestor by 79 HP. In order to continue to ensure rear-wheel drive, the engine would have to be installed lengthways instead of crossways. According to Forbes, a new S2000 would weigh only about 100 kilograms more than the flyweight original, which only weighed 1240 kilograms. In 2017, Honda boss Takahiro Hachigo said that the time for a new S2000 was not yet ripe. When the time comes, however, they would think about a successor. Maybe that time has come now.

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