Honda CR-V in the AUTO BILD long-term test

It’s nice that you’re here, but now please tackle it! Instead of a cuddle course to warm up, our new Honda CR-V goes E: HEV at the start of four-day production. When it comes to the photographer, the Japanese do with his up to 1638 liters of storage space popular. We heave bags and photo equipment into the hold.

Honda CR-V with savings of up to 5400 euros at

Everything looks valuable, but it remains to be seen how the carpet and paneling cope with the constant stress. There is also stress on the motorway, where the complete system performance is called up (184 PS) and the gasoline engine with e-CVT transmission quickly gives up his acoustic restraint. Indeed at just under 190 km / h pushes the Limiter Put a stop to the hubbub, the drive relaxes a bit again.

Thanks to the barely sloping roof line, the CR-V also offers plenty of space in the second row.

“Has the four-wheel drive?” A colleague asks on the way to the hotel in the evening. Yes, he can also do forest and meadow, I promise. And all occupants seem reassured, here in the middle of the urban jungle. On the other hand, I am reassured that the CR-V with its 4.60 meters in length relative handy through the narrow city center can circulate, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder leaves the speed in the cellar and the church in the village, so you can get by with less than five liters of super – great! Balance after four days: none Back pain (comfortable seats), no nervous twitching (well-functioning assistants, not too intrusive), and despite the all-wheel-drive SUV, I wasn’t a permanent guest at the gas station. The CR-V packed the stressful debut. There are only 93,388 kilometers left.

Honda CR-V in the AUTO BILD used car market

The Honda CR-V E: HEV in the AUTO BILD endurance test

Endurance test start: October 21, 2021
Price of the test car with extras: 47,850 euros
Driven so far: 6612 km
Test consumption: 7.0 l S / 100 km
Top: A feeling of airy space and plenty of space in the front and back. Low consumption with moderate driving style.
Not so good: Under full load, the CVT transmission lets speed and consumption soar.

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