Honda S2000 tuning: tuned VTEC athlete with an amazing sound

Naturally aspirated, rear-wheel drive, manual: the iconic Honda S2000 is a blueprint for driving fun. Of course, this can be increased through targeted tuning. That’s what Stephan Marti, co-owner of the Swiss tuning workshop Carmosphere thought: he’s been working on his 2003 model for a good ten years now, and it’s more than just a little different from the standard version. Crystal clear motto: JDM racer with road approval.

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On the wheel side, Stephan relies on the extra-light Volk Racing TE37SL in 9×18 inches, covered with 225tires in the front and 245s in the rear. Equally top-class is the KW V3 coilover suspension, which roadster crouch extra close to the asphalt. For the right seat of the wheels in the wheelhouse, the fenders had to be pulled at the front and rear. (These are the best summer tires of 2022!)

Clean body and carbon for the racing character

On the body side, the logos, the tailgate lock, the radio antenna and the headlight spray nozzles were cleaned. The side skirts are adorned with Maxtone swords, and a front lip – also from Maxtone – is to follow. Tiny side mirrors and the rear spoiler, both APR parts made of carbon, underline the racing character of this S2000.
Honda S2000

The carbon rear spoiler from APR is one of two parts that can be approved in Switzerland. Its incline can be adjusted.

Homemade door panels and center console

There is also a racing feeling in the interior. The driver and front passenger sit in Bride bucket seats and are secured by Takata harness belts, the driver grips an airbag-free Sabelt steering wheel. A Cusco roll bar extends behind the occupants.

Honda S2000
Racing bucket seats with harness belts, roll bars, no more airbags: there is a racing car atmosphere here!

The radio had to go, as did carpets, insulating material and almost all trim parts and covers. For the door panels and center tunnel, Stephan had custom-fit metal plates made and powder-coated in matt black.

Six-piston front calipers

A lot has also happened on the technical side. Six-piston calipers from K-Sport together with slotted 350 mm discs provide braking power on the front axle. EBC Yellow Stuff pads and steel braided lines round off the package.

On the transmission side, Stephan installed a single-mass flywheel with a sports clutch, and the gear ratio was shortened. Shortened drive shafts and a new differential account for the lowering.

Honda S2000

The Rays aluminum rims save around twelve kilograms in weight all around. Behind: 350 brake discs with six-piston calipers in front.

Less weight, same performance

The engine has remained untouched so far. The two-liter four-cylinder still achieves 241 hp at an insane 8300 rpm, which is more than enough given the weight has dropped to around 1300 kilograms. In return, the sound benefits from a Tanabe exhaust system from cat.

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Honda S2000 by Carmosphere

Is this the end of the S2000 project? Details such as checker plate floor mats as well as handbrake and shift bags are to follow. But not much more should happen. Stephan has already thought about a turbo conversion; However, the more than 500 hp that would then be involved would cost around 30,000 Swiss francs (approx. 29,500 euros) – just for the entry!
Honda S2000

Stephan has been building his Honda S2000 for more than ten years – regardless of the cost or effort.

And finally, the fun while driving is unsurpassed. The video above shows how brutal the S2000 sounds and how fun it is to drive!

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