Hong Kong: EU once again cushions China

goal of EU be it with China to keep talking and “pressure on the Chinese government exercise, “said Borrell in front of journalists. He looked around the developments Hong Kong also the EU-China summit in Leipzig not endangered in September. Borrell however, according to one EU country, the issue of sanctions was raised at the video conference of foreign ministers.

China National People’s Congress had one on Thursday Security law to Hong Kong approved, according to critics, to massively curtail civil rights in the Special Administrative Region. The law is intended to “secede”, “subversion”, “terrorism“and punish the” endangerment of national security “and the open commitment of the mainland security authorities in Hong Kong enable.

Beijing responded with that Security law the months-long, sometimes violent protests of the Hong Kong democracy movement last year. The details of the law are expected to be worked out in June. It will then go into effect bypassing the Hong Kong parliament.

The United States therefore threaten the People’s Republic Sanctions. Foreign minister Mike Pompeo said they thought the special benefits were Hong Kong because of the increasing interference China no longer justified.


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