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Outside hui, below pfui: The Renault Scénic from AUTO BILD reader Stefan Hoppe is what used car experts call a blender. Everything looks good at first glance: first hand, just over 85,800 kilometers on the clock, a fresh MOT sticker and shiny paint. The promises of the used car salesman are also convincing. So Mr. Hoppe relied on the dealer’s information, scraped together the last of his money – and paid 2,600 euros for the around 18-year-old used car. Not a good idea. After a short time it starts to rumble in the front end. During the subsequent visit to the workshop, it quickly becomes clear: there is something wrong with this scénic.

Scenic II

The Scénic II (type JM, 2003- 2009) has many talents. Unfortunately, durability in old age is not one of them. The model series was noticed early on with increased wear in the steering, and the ball joints on the front axle are also unstable. Many AUTO BILD readers report problems with the electronics. Defects in shock absorbers, brake discs and pads are considered normal wear and tear.

This situation is a disaster

The list of defects is long, it requires repairs to the engine and front and rear axles. The underbody is heavily rusted, typical for a car from the North Sea coast. The cost estimate is correspondingly high at over 3000 euros. Money that the hamburger doesn’t have. He doesn’t earn much as a bus driver. In addition, Stefan Hoppe is severely disabled and looks after his needy mother before and after work. There is little financial leeway and there is no money left over for expensive repairs on the Renault. Annoying: The seller has also gone underground, there is no quick solution here. And it needs it! The last hope for Mr. Hoppe: Euromaster and AUTO BILD. The bus driver writes a long email to us, describes his situation and, in desperation, asks for help.

These are just a few of the parts that have been replaced: brake discs and pads, engine mounts, tie rod ends, timing belts with tensioners and water pumps, filters and the rear shock absorbers

The last hope: AUTO BILD and Euromaster

And the workshop professionals from Euromaster don’t need to be asked twice: In a Hamburg branch, car mechanic Norman Timmermann the desolate Renault. The work takes two days! Track rod ends and engine mounts are exchanged. The rear shock absorbers were changed as well as the brake discs and pads. The timing belt is also new, along with the tension pulley, water pump, multi-rib belts and many other parts. In the end, Stefan Hoppe is full of joy, he can hardly believe his luck: “There have been so many strokes of fate for me. It’s so incredibly great that I’m being helped once!” You’re welcome, Mr. Hoppe, the vehicle experts from Euromaster and AUTO BILD were happy to repair the Scénic!

“I’m so happy. The help from Euromaster and AUTO BILD was my salvation. Thank you!” Says Stefan Hoppe (46) from Hamburg.


If you find yourself in an emergency automotive situation, you can apply for the “We’ll pay your bill” campaign by AUTO BILD and Euromaster. Read here how to do it.

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