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Hope it pays off

Guido Weijers performed yesterday afternoon in front of a hall of 500 people. He looks back on the trial event in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht: “The hunger was great. Let’s hope it makes sense. ”

The trial event was organized yesterday by Fieldlab. A series of entertainment tests and football matches with an audience should make it clear whether more is possible despite corona. The 500 spectators were all tested beforehand. Subway was one of the participants and you can read that report here.

Guido Weijers felt hungry

After his Masterclass Happiness spoke Subway with Guido Weijers about the special day.

Did you enjoy it?
“Yes, but I think the audience totally. People were really ready for this, you could feel it. They were hungry for an afternoon out. But gosh, that turnout alone. That was great. ”

There was a lot of laughter, but it was sometimes very quiet. Do you think people were holding back from coughing?
“Normally you hear more coughing from the room. But that is actually not good. If you really get people’s attention, they forget to cough. ”

Hunger in the hall was enormous.
“Absolutely. You don’t want to know how many texts I received from colleagues today. And also from people from theaters I know. They all turned out to be in the room. I did not expect that and it moves me. The theater world felt that people had to be here to contribute something. That indicates hunger. “

From solo to trial event with 500 spectators

Did you think 500 people were ‘crazy’ right in front of you during these times? It looked so full.
“I’m used to much fuller halls and I don’t mean that arrogantly. Actually, there should be 1500 people here. But yes, if I compare it to the day before yesterday. Then I was in my own room doing a webinar… We are not used to those 500 anymore, but that should be normal. ”

Was it a bit close to what it was like for corona after all?
“Yes, I just got to do my show. I didn’t think people laughed less, for example. It was nice to do the Masterclass Happiness instead of a cabaret show. Because suppose people in the room had held back, then I still had a story that stands. It wasn’t all about the humor. It was my safe choice, but luckily there was a lot of laughter. ”

You didn’t have to whip things up extra?
“No, but that’s what I mean by hunger. They wanted to go for it today. ”

That you were allowed to perform, did that give extra pressure?
“No, I just played as I always would. You hope it goes well, of course. Fortunately, it was good from the first two jokes. I also do not feel chosen, because I called Fieldlab myself. I said: if you are going to test something, I will voluntarily offer my cooperation. Do whatever you want with it. Ultimately, we started doing something unique here. Let’s hope it pays off. ”

The happiness of Guido Weijers

Did the performance contribute to your own happiness?
“My short-term happiness increased. What would really make me happier is if this day makes sense. I can be grateful that I can do something that will hopefully benefit the event industry. If I had only been allowed to perform once, it wouldn’t have made me happier. ”

Do you see any perspective for your industry?
“I hope that the results of this research are the perspective. But also the coming summer and all other developments that may cause figures to drop. Two weeks ago I zoomed in with Minister Hugo de Jonge. I said that it would be a real shame if the results of this trial event were not included in his policy. Of course I got a very political answer. That the will is there. I myself am quite critical of the corona measures, but I also want to remain naive. I also want to believe in what ministers say. You can also sit at home and say that The Hague sucks, but you can also say: we do this together. ”

A photo of Guido Weijers with Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven
Ingrid van Engelshoven, outgoing Minister of Education, Culture and Science, talks to Guido Weijers. Photo: / Remko de Waal

Happiness as part of training

You expressed your surprise that students may be able to attend lectures in theaters. You said, Apparently the theaters are safe. Minister of Education Van Engelshoven sat in the room. Have you talked about it with her?
“Sure! Besides that, I think that all HBO and university students should now get lessons about happiness. It is actually strange that we never learn anything about happiness at school, but we do learn about the capital of Azerbaijan. Especially nowadays happiness is an essential part of life. ”

How do you view the government’s support package for the cultural sector? Do you think that is on the low side?
“You know, I’d rather be judged on safety like today than they give me money. I prefer to work for my money. Support schemes are great fun, but I don’t get it myself. I started giving webinars and I still make a little bit of turnover. I like to do that and much rather than doing nothing. You don’t have to feel sorry for me. I do think that anyone who doesn’t have a buffer, who may have just been on the brink of breaking through, is in the most pain. If there is support for those people, please. ”

Trial events ‘good start, but now get going’, one infected person until now

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