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‘Hope that the viewer believes in us’

Guess whether someone can sing like a nightingale or like a false crow. That is the thrust of the new RTL program I Can See Your Voice, can be seen on TV from tonight. Carlo Boszhard presents the “surprising play-along game”. “It’s more than a singing program.”

You would say that the best imitator in our country also has a fair amount of judgment. And so you can guess whether he might have a new Adele standing next to him or someone who would better hold it at gigs in the shower. “But no,” laughs presenter Carlo Boszhard (51). “It is very difficult. The non-singers try to bottle you properly. ”

I Can See Your Voice: a new program, from the creators of The Masked Singer. That currently scores well: every Friday evening more than 2 million people watch performances by masked singers such as the llama, yeti and zebra. “I Can See Your Voice is actually the brother of The Masked Singer”Says Boszhard, who is now not sitting as a jury member, but as a presenter. That variety makes him happy. “It sounds cliché, but it is wonderful to be able to judge one time, imitate another time and present it now.”

Applauding for a false crow

The concept of the program sounds complicated, but that’s not too bad: there are eight guest artists (including O’G3NE, Danny de Munk and Edsilia Rombley) who play the game with his or her big fan. They have to guess which candidate can really sing and which cannot – without even a note having been heard.

Now it doesn’t have to be a wild guess – there are 4 rounds, with one or more candidates dropping out with each round. For example, the participants have to mimic, they are questioned and there is a “proof round”, in which they have to sing on a very short audio clip.

Ultimately, the “Final Duet” is between the guest performer and the remaining candidate. “And then it must be clear whether the candidate has talent or is making fun of everyone,” says Boszhard. “The nice thing is that everyone gets so enthusiastic when the fan gets it right for another round.” He smiles for a moment. “I Can See Your Voice is the only program where people applaud when someone can’t sing. ”

The fan can ultimately win 5000 euros if he or she knows how to identify the real singer. You don’t have to gamble all by yourself; the fans and artists are supported by a panel consisting of Marieke Elzinga, Fred van Leer, Ronnie Flex, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Samantha Steenwijk. “The panel is very important. They have to create the atmosphere and are the audience, because we had little audience due to the corona event. But the dynamics are very good. ”

Thursday evening

And to those who think now, another singing program, Boszhard says: “It is more than that. It is a game program that you can play at home. It has a high mealy and family content. I like that. “

The only downside (“but that’s how things go”), the cheerful presenter calls the broadcast day, because it is a Thursday. “We are opposite Dear Singers, Chateau Meiland and football. That will not be easy, to say the least. ” The fact that Thursday was chosen after all, according to Boszhard, is because “the competition is currently fierce and RTL also wants a strong program on Thursday evening”. “I hope the viewer believes in us.”

I Can See Your Voice can be seen on RTL 4 every week from tonight at 8.30 pm.

Watch the trailer here:

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Carlo Boszhard on I Can See Your Voice: “Hope the viewer believes in us”


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