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‘Hope to inspire women with way of thinking’

A striking image on the cover of WOMAN this morning: Ali B in his underwear. The presenter asked the magazine’s editors for the half-naked photo, hoping to inspire women.

“Many women take care of everyone – except themselves. For a long time, everything revolves around the children and when they become more independent, there comes a point when you think: but what do I really want? I hope to inspire those women ”, says Ali WOMAN.

“Mentally and physically a new Ali”

The jury member of, among others The Voice of Holland “May not be a woman”, but he knows “what it is like to dwell on life.” Then he decided to ask himself what he really wants. Working on oneself, ultimately successfully, turned out to be the next step. “I am much more conscious about my time, exercise more than ever and eat less and less meat – I even participate in Veganuary. Much has changed. I really am a new Ali, both mentally and physically. ”

With this interview, the photo and his way of thinking, the rapper hopes that women will also look at themselves differently. “I hope the women reading this will think: Ali chooses for herself, works for herself and leads a life without concessions. All my life I have been doing nothing but taking care of others, that has to be different. This is also my time to choose for myself. If that works, this will be the best interview of my career. ”

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Ali B in underpants on cover: “Hope to inspire women with thinking”


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