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‘Hopefully my bare ass won’t be on TV’

Eight people who don’t know each other, a locked house and cameras everywhere: that was always the success of the popular Big Brother program. Now it is back on the tube after twenty years, on every working day from Monday RTL 5 and can be followed 24 hours a day via live streams at Videoland. Four Dutch and four Belgians are starting the experiment, including Daniëlle (40) and Ziko (34). “I only prefer not to see my bare butt on TV,” Daniëlle says with a smile to the

Daniëlle from Brabant is a mother of five and works a lot. She thought it was time for adventure and signed up. “I am at such a point in my life that everything is very normal. I am ready for a bit of a challenge, so I thought: why not? ”She says. The Flemish Ziko also applied with that approach. “I’ve always been a fan of the program. After school I quickly went home to have a look. When I heard it was back on TV, I couldn’t wait to sign up. ”

The candidates are filmed all day and everywhere, including in the toilet and in the shower. However, they have no problems with that. “But I do pay attention when I undress at night, because I also have children. Soon they will be told at school that their mother was naked on TV ”, Daniëlle laughs. “I think privacy is only a relative thing, because everyone leaves their traces on the internet nowadays.”

Tested, quarantine and lockdown

Before entering the house, the candidates were tested several times, quarantined at home and were locked down in a hotel for several days. In this way, the safety in the house is guaranteed as much as possible. As soon as they enter the house, the candidates will no longer receive anything from the outside world. “I love that,” says Ziko. “Not all that negativity around corona, although I will miss my friends and family very much. But otherwise 2020 can go to the trash for me anyway. ”

To set a good example, the two would no doubt get vaccinated on television. “My father always said: if everyone sweeps his door, the street is quickly cleaned,” says Ziko. “So I would without a doubt get vaccinated.” Daniëlle agrees. “If only to set a good example to my adolescent children. They drive me crazy at home ”, she laughs.

Furthermore, the candidates, who do not know about each other’s existence in advance, hope that they can enter the house with ‘chill people’. “I hope that there will be good conversations, that it clicks and that we might make friends for life,” says Daniëlle. Ziko agrees, but secretly he still has a lot, he says with a laugh. “That there is no one with a morning mood, because I really can’t stand that.”

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Big Brother is back: “Hopefully my bare ass won’t be on TV”


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