Horeca angry about plans cabinet corona check app and night closure

The catering industry says it feels ‘double caught’ by the measures leaked by the cabinet yesterday. According to those plans, a large part of the corona measures will be abolished as of September 25, but measures will continue to exist for the catering industry and the festival and culture sector.

For example, cafes and clubs must remain closed between midnight and 06:00 in the morning, as is already the case.

The catering industry is even angrier that everyone aged 13 and older has to show via the coronacheck app that he or she has been vaccinated or tested. “There is already a staff shortage and entrepreneurs do not want to have to refuse people,” said spokesperson Natasja de Jonge of Royal Horeca Nederland (KHN).

‘Checking corona app is hassle’

Checking the corona pass does not take much time on paper, but entrepreneurs do not see how to do it. “They think it’s a hassle and do they have the equipment to read a QR code?”, says De Jonge.

summary proceedings

Tomorrow, KHN will file a preliminary injunction against the State. The trade association wants the rules for night catering to be aligned with the rules for other catering. The summary proceedings are not about the corona check app because the rest of the catering industry can open before 00:00, according to De Jonge.

77 percent of Dutch people over 18 have now been fully vaccinated against corona and 85 percent have had their first vaccination, according to the RIVM.

End of support measures

The 1.5 meter rule will disappear in the Netherlands as of September 25, according to the cabinet’s leaked plans yesterday.

The fact that the cabinet also wants to end the support measures as of 1 October is also a source of concern for the catering industry. If that happens, then there should no longer be any restrictions, believes KHN.

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