Horeca is looking for staff | The Kremlin celebrates | And we already know these Prince’s Day plans

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Staff wanted. The catering industry is open again, but is faced with another major problem: the acute staff shortage. For months, everything has been pulled out to recruit staff. The Week of the Horeca that starts today is also all about recruiting people.

First the sweet, then the sour. Tomorrow at a quarter past three in the afternoon we will know exactly what the government will spend extra money on next year and where cuts may be made. Traditionally, the ‘good news’ plans already seep through in the weeks before Prinsjesdag. We have listed the most important ones.

Pay up please. Traditionally, the FNV trade union announces their wage requirement for the coming CAO season the day before Budget Day. The union has already revealed that they are not only looking at wages, but also at permanent jobs and quality of work. RTL Z will be there this afternoon.

All hands on deck for German chancellor Scholz. The SPD party leader and minfin could easily become Merkel’s successor, but must first answer for alleged abuses at the FIU money laundering unit of the customs six days before the elections.

What went wrong at AEB anyway? The Amsterdam waste processor had to become a gold mine for the city, but ended up in an acute shortage of money in 2019. Resulting in a national waste crisis and governance crisis. Today those involved in the fiasco are being interrogated under oath.

Celebrations in the Kremlin: United Russia, Vladimir Putin’s party, leads the parliamentary elections. Now that a third of the votes have been counted, the party has won about 45 percent of the seats. The regime is likely to win the election because of ballot box fraud, sham opposition and doppelgängers.

This piece was shared this weekend:
No more smoking diesel air and no more roaring engines. The first weeks of beer transport with the electric inland vessel Alphenaar went well. “We haven’t found any teething problems yet.”

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Still a little about Prinsjesdag. What does that day actually represent, with a caretaker cabinet that is not allowed to take major decisions. Political reporter Roel Schreinemachers explains.

And this you may have missed this weekend:
At the invitation of informateur Johan Remkes, the leaders of VVD, D66 and CDA spent the weekend on the heath. To get the bruised noses in the same direction, so to speak. But the weekend away from the Binnnenhof has not yet yielded a breakthrough.

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ps More than twenty years after the legalization, sex workers have a lot of duties, but their rights and provisions are not getting along, Zahra Boufadiss sees.

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