Horror propaganda: Iran blows up US Capitol in fake video

Iran has broadcast fake footage of an attack on the US Capitol in Washington DC The video comes at a time when US President Joe Biden’s administration is taking diplomatic steps with Iran to negotiate a renewed nuclear deal.

The video was broadcast on a state-controlled Iranian TV channel on Sunday before a speech by Ali Khamenei, Iran’s religious leader. The video clip shows armed forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) marching before the famous dome of the US Capitol explodes. It also shows how Iranian troops march to Jerusalem.


Biden is under increasing pressure from the Republican Party not to surrender to Iran’s threats as tensions between the two countries continue to simmer.

The Republicans see the latest IRGC video as a sign that the Iranian regime will never moderate its anti-American and anti-Western rhetoric. They accuse the Biden administration of easing pressure on Iran at a time when the United States could bring down the hardline regime and empower democratic reformers in the country.

The US government would be willing to lift crippling sanctions against Iranian banks, diplomats and oil traders, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

“ There is still a considerable distance to cover to close the remaining gaps, and those gaps are about what sanctions the United States and other countries will reverse, ” Bidens told National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. ABC News. “They are about what nuclear restrictions Iran will accept to ensure they can never get a nuclear weapon.”

Nuclear program

All of this is happening amid the ongoing talks of a renewed nuclear deal between Washington and Tehran. Originally called it the Joint Comprehensive Plant of Action (JCPOA), which was completed under former President Barack Obama.

Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018 and introduced new sanctions. Iran began violating the deal after Trump’s withdrawal. The country has since expanded its nuclear program far beyond the borders approved by the JCPOA.



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