Hot air fryers on Amazon Prime Day from 90 euros

You can get two popular hot air fryers in the Prime special offer: the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1l knocks out Amazon for 89.99, and the Cosori 5.5L currently only costs 99.99 euros.

Philips Essential Air Fryer 4.1L

Philips is one of the best-known brands for hot air fryers. And the

Philips Essential Air Fryer 4.1L

with a touchscreen is one of the hottest models up to 120 euros. With the Prime Day deal, you currently only pay 89.99 euros at Amazon for the versatile device with a 0.8 kg basket. Amazon recently asked for 107.55 euros.

You save 17.56 euros

– you can buy several bags of frozen fries for this.

Buy the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1L for 89.99 euros instead of 107.55 euros

Whether deep-frying, baking, roasting, grilling or heating up: heat up briefly and put the food in the basket – off you go! The Philips Rapid-Air hot airflow swirls hot air to make it crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Cleaning afterwards is easy: almost all relevant parts can go in the dishwasher.

Here are the new cooking offers for Prime Day at a glance

In the prime deal: hot air fryers for families

Clean, simple and convenient: Hot air fryers are the star for delicacies from your own kitchen. They do not require expensive oil or fat and there is hardly any smell when hot air frying. There is also the health aspect: French fries, chicken or Frikandel from the hot air have fewer calories than from floating fat.

Cosori hot air fryer 5.5L XXL


Cosori hot air fryer 5.5L XXL

offers more space for fries & co. Even a whole chicken fits easily in the cooking basket. Thanks to the Prime Day discount

pay only 99.99 euros

. If Cosori doesn’t tell you anything (yet): The brand is a specialist for hot air frying.

Buy the Cosori hot air fryer 5.5L XXL for 99.00 euros instead of 129.99 euros

Smart WLAN hot air fryer from Cosori for 109.99 euros


Cosori WiFi hot air fryer 5.5L XXL

If you wish, you can control it completely via the display of your smartphone. The versatile French fries hair dryer with 13 preset cooking functions gives you the choice: operation via the one-touch field directly on the device or via mobile app from the sofa.

The offer price of 109.99 euros is great.

The last price on Amazon for the connected hot air fryer with a capacity of 5.5 liters was 139.99 euros. So you save 30 euros!

Buy Cosori WiFi hot air fryer 5.5L XXL for 109.99 euros instead of 139.99 euros

You can find the best deals on Prime Day in our overview: Amazon Prime Day

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