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Until recently, the ‘powder houses’ were mainly a memory from my youth: seven stuffy workers’ houses at the smelly gunpowder factory on the edge of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, the village where I grew up. Now I can stay there and I don’t know what I see.

Smart work

The former gunpowder factory and mill date from 1718, the production of explosives continued until 1990. Today, the surrounding buildings house trendy companies, restaurant De Kruidfabriek by chef Peter Lute and accommodations Houses on the Amstel.

In our cozy, warmly decorated holiday home with dark wooden floor, the clever work of the architect immediately stands out: despite the different floors, you can look into the ridge from the sofa through a loft.

You also sleep in the ridge on the site bedstay is called. A modern variant of the old-fashioned box bed. You roll into the cozy bed via a steep staircase.

We don’t want to be there yet, we still have a whole program ahead of us. Because we cannot dine outside the door, we order a box from one of the restaurants in the “culidorp” Ouderkerk. We can choose from sushi, Ron Blaauw’s famous rice table or Peter Lute’s three-course dinner.

After that fine meal, a steamy private sauna awaits on our very own mezzanine floor. This, in combination with the freestanding design bath, makes us feel like we are in a spa. What a party!

Bicycle tour

Before we check out, there is still time for a breath of fresh air. You can go in any direction from the houses just outside the border of Ouderkerk. For example to Amsterdam or the petting zoo around the corner. You can also rent bicycles and make beautiful trips along the Amstel or through the polder / quiet area Rondehoep.

I choose my running shoes and enjoy the route along the river that evokes memories. When the houses are in sight again, I immediately notice how stylish and charming they are. And that while in my mind they were black with soot and especially ugly.

Maybe it was. That’s why it’s all the more fun that she’s delighting me some forty years later staycation-moment delivery.



The gas fireplace, hanging chair and especially the views upwards make it a cozy whole. You have to be agile to reach the bed in the ridge.


View of the Amstel, a fantastic restaurant as a neighbor and Amsterdam, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and Amstelveen nearby.


Because these are holiday homes and not a hotel, you check in and out via a key box. Things like coffee and tea are available, but you should bring a bathrobe yourself (definitely do).


You can park your car in front of the house. Prices from € 100 per night.


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