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I must have cycled past it at least five hundred times over the years without noticing it, before and after going out in the center of Amsterdam. This is also because the Banks Mansion does not immediately stand out as a hotel. I mean that in a good sense.

The monumental canal house on the corner of Vijzelstraat / Herengracht has something chic; there might as well have been a renowned law firm. Perhaps not so strange, located a stone’s throw from the Gouden Bocht, the most expensive part of the Amsterdam canal belt.

Warm atmosphere

Not that this hotel radiates rigidity, on the contrary. The warm art deco style and the stained glass in the lobby, inspired by the work of the Dutch architect Berlage, make you feel immediately welcome.

Plus, at this boutique hotel, drinks and snacks are in the ‘on the house’ lobby. You are free to take some from the private bar next to the leather armchairs in the lobby, but without this degenerating into a bacchanal with foreign tourists who were still there during my stay in September.

But you can also enjoy a drink in our deluxe room on the fourth (and highest) floor. The three glass carafes with vodka, cognac or whiskey are also included – you rarely see that. In addition, we can nibble on a thick chocolate bar in Delft blue wrapping that is available on our king-size bed.

Although it is tempting not to leave the warm room, furnished with wooden elements, we still have a bite to eat outside – then we could – after which we could crawl to our bed satisfied and somewhat drunk. We sleep like a baby and in the morning we spend an extra long time under the rain shower in the spacious bathroom.

Before we have breakfast in the basement, however, we first want to wake up with a cup of Nespresso from our own machine and the view of the Herengracht, with the morning sun on our face.


Breakfast expired in last year shifts, you could sign up for it the night before. I let the super cheerful lady behind the omelet bar tempt me into a tasty omelet, on top of the delicious croissants and pancakes.

But that doesn’t matter at all. Because if you are a tourist in your own city, you have to do it right!



Art deco, inspired by the Dutch architect Berlage.


In the heart of the city center on the Herengracht, a stone’s throw from the Muntplein and the Gouden Bocht.


Friendly and very cheerful without this coming across as forced.


There is an elevator. It full service concept with thanks / snacks in the lobby still applies, but due to corona rules only in the form of a pick-up point. You can enjoy the drinks and snacks in the room. This also applies to breakfast.

Room rate from 159 euros per night.

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