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Cyclists who have conceived the plan to brave the hills in South Limburg (good luck!), Would do well to visit Par’Course: the new cycling epicenter of Valkenburg on the site of the former Leeuw Brewery.

Here you will find the Shimano Experience Center, Cycle Center bike rental, a gym, Essential Movements coaching center and the extremely stylish Black Labels Hotel, ideal for relaxing after a long day of cycling.

The design hotel is a pleasant change from the (mostly) somewhat old-fashioned hotels and B & Bs in the region. It is young, fresh and is a stone’s throw from the cozy center of Valkenburg, the foot of the Cauberg, the impressive marl quarry, spa Thermae 2000 and Holland Casino. Due to the applicable corona measures, almost everything was still closed during our visit, but fortunately cycling (or walking) in the beautiful surroundings is always possible.

As the name suggests, the industrial minimalist look of the hotel is alternated with black. Lots of black. The corridors to the rooms? Black. The bathroom? Black. The bed frame? Black.

Overdone? Never. Light colors such as concrete, soft green and beige balance the whole tastefully. Until ten years ago it was inconceivable to furnish a hotel (or any place for that matter) in this way, but today it is very popular.

Whether the generations after us think the same, the question is: ‘Paint the hall completely black? A wall of concrete in the hotel room? Put the bed in the middle of the room? How did you come up with that!’

The fact that the Black Labels Hotel is closely linked to the number one sport in the region (cycling, for the inattentive reader) is not only apparent from the cycling details that have been incorporated everywhere. The practical side has also been thought of.

This way you safely stole your precious steel steed after an afternoon slogging through the hills in-house bicycle shed of the hotel.

Then enjoy a modern bite with a specialty beer or quality wine in the cozy restaurant (or if the weather is nice on the terrace with a view of a small lake).

Because we had dinner in our room due to the lockdown, but fortunately the terrace will be open again here in Limburg from next week!


Interior: Design, minimalist, raw and yet cozy: it is possible!

Location: The Par’Course site is a five minute walk (or one minute bike ride) from Valkenburg.

Service: Despite all the limited options due to the corona measures, the friendly and young staff managed to create a relaxed atmosphere. Breakfast and dinner are arranged with takeaway times, which works fine. The restaurant will be open again from next Wednesday.

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