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In other times we would settle on a terrace or in one of the nice restaurants in the village of Abcoude. When we visit B&B Atelier Vert, none of that is possible. So we spoil ourselves with a culinary home box and drive to the special place to stay that Astrid van Gorp has created in her garden.

Atelier Vert is an old sheep shed that previously served as a workspace. When her company took a different turn due to the corona crisis, Astrid converted it into a very cozy B&B palace.

The clinker floor, the beautiful bath on legs, that fine fireplace and the beautiful accessories make it an attractive whole. And then that location. The site – with the main house, the studio, the greenhouse (where you can dine) and the curious goats – is hidden in a bowl behind the dike. A place where you can relax when you look out over the meadows or have a drink on the covered veranda in front of the house.


In the area you can walk and cycle. But as soon as we drive through the gate, we don’t want anything at all. Except hanging out in front of the fireplace with a book, a game, and a snack and a drink. Fortunately, that is all there.

We do not see it as a loss that there is no TV in the studio. On the contrary. Astrid had already warned in advance that she likes to spoil her guests with all kinds of goodies. When we open the fridge, we are pleasantly surprised by the cheese, sausages, olives, humus, wine, healthy juices, fruit and ingredients for a festive breakfast.

The table is also full of trays with chocolate, cakes and biscuits. We don’t have time to watch TV at all, we have to enjoy ourselves. So we chat, eat and drink through the evening.

To be fair, in advance I was quite dreading any nightly visits to the toilet. Because although this will change, the toilet is outside. In the building right next to the studio that used to be a chicken coop. Very charming and nicely decorated, not like that. Still, I wake up relieved in the morning. Because I slept wonderfully and continuously.



Colorful, atmospheric and hip. The upper floor has a double bed and a roll top bath.


In a basin behind the dike that runs along the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

Atelier Vert is also surrounded by meadows.


Astrid likes to spoil her guests with all kinds of goodies.


You can make nice walking and cycling trips in the natural environment.

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