Finance bankrupt: customers may not get money back was founded in 2008 by hotel owner Klaas Stekelenburg and his two sons Matthijs and Jasper. On the site, hotels could auction their rooms that had not yet been booked at the last minute.

This often meant that customers could get a cheap deal via Later, the auction site expanded to include offers for saunas.

Hotels, unlike restaurants and cafes, were not obliged to close as a measure against the corona virus. But at the height of the lockdown, visiting hotels had become much more unattractive. For example, they were not allowed to keep their restaurants or bars open to guests for a while.

Legal conflicts

By its own admission, the site had hundreds of thousands of members and processed more than 5 million bookings. The company also attracted attention due to legal conflicts with and its parent company

In 2011, demanded that the competitor change the name, but the judge did not agree. Later, the judge rebuked after complaints from about misleading advertisements.

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