House prices continue to rise, supply falls sharply

The price for new-build homes is even slightly higher: more than 460,000 euros, about 14 percent more than a year ago. This is evident from new figures from real estate association NVM.

4 out of 5 homes sold above asking price

More than 35,000 homes were sold in the fourth quarter, 23 percent less than a year earlier. It took an average of 23 days for a home for sale to be sold, one day longer than in the third quarter. This means that the lower limit in terms of sales time appears to have been reached, according to the NVM.

No less than 80 percent of the homes were sold above the asking price. The price increase of terraced houses was the fastest this quarter: they rose 22.5 percent in price compared to last year. A terraced house now costs an average of 386,000 euros.

View the average house price in your area below:

The regional differences are large. The region with the strongest price increase in the past quarter was North Drenthe, which recorded a plus of 28.5 percent. It was “not too bad” in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region. The price increase there remained stable at more than 14 percent.

View the average price increase of houses in your area below:

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