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Nibble nibble cuddly…what’s the price of my house doing? Real estate association NVM comes with an update. The upward trend in house prices is expected to continue. Good for the owner, less fun for the buyer. Last quarter, prices rose by no less than 19 percent.

Can the new cabinet stop the rise in house prices? And with it the sadness of starters on the market. We are looking for answers. Building more and paying less for social rent, there are plenty of plans. But experts are critical. For example, are there enough hands to make all those houses? It’s going to be quite a job anyway.

In or out!? Tension rises for tennis champion Novak Djokovic. Today finds an important draw for the Australian Open Place. But for the defending champion, the question is whether he can participate at all. The Australian government is also likely to decide today whether the unvaccinated Serb’s visa will stand. Djokovic entered the country with great difficulty, but made a ‘human error.’

Hey neighbor, which country will Rutte visit first after being sworn in? Aber natürlich…Deutschland! The new Chancellor Olaf Scholz will receive him with military honors to talk about politics and especially trade. Germany is by far our largest sales market. Even in corona year 2020, the Netherlands still exported 88 billion euros worth of goods. So good neighbor.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday: The Rotterdam port company Controco has fired an employee because he wanted to end up with a visit to the company doctor with a falsified positive corona test. The judge gives the green light for the dismissal.

We think you should also read this: The Amsterdam stock exchange will soon have another tech fund richer. The Dutch WeTransfer, a service with which large files can be easily sent, wants to go public.

And this you may have missed last night: Correspondent Jeroen Akkermans visited the frontline in Ukraine. “It seems as if we have been thrown back in time. But this is 2022 and war is looming again.”

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