Housing market continues | Merkel at an audience in Rome | And with these HBO studies you have the fastest work

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How much have house prices risen in recent months? We hear about it this morning around 10 o’clock from real estate association NVM. In the second quarter of this year, the average sales price of an existing home passed 4 tons for the first time. Cuckoo!

The large shortage of teachers and nurses is not (yet) reflected in the starting salary for HBO graduates. The top ten of higher professional education programs with the highest starting salary is traditionally dominated by studies with the word technology in it.

And if you don’t feel like studying for four years, you can start working in the transport sector almost immediately. Almost half of the transport companies have a shortage of drivers. “If you have 30 truck drivers ahead of me now, I’ll have them all driving this week.”

Merkel at an audience in Rome. After 16 years as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel’s leadership in Europe is also coming to an end. Today she is in private audience with the Pope. And she has a working lunch with Mario Draghi, the Italian Prime Minister who may well take over her role as European leader.

Wearers of an expensive clock must take into account an extra check at Schiphol. Since June, customs have been extra focused on such valuable goods, in order to better combat money laundering. Not everyone is happy with the approach.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday:
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reacts incensed to accusations that his company believes profit is more important than combating disinformation. “Many of those claims make no sense,” he writes.

We think you should also read this:
It is all hands on deck in the gas market. Experts speak of panic and are seriously concerned. “If things go wrong, there is a risk of a shortage.” Check out this handy video for what you can do about it.

And this you may have missed last night:
The court in The Hague calls on the government to do something about the tax levied on fictitious profits from savings. However, the taxpayer does not have to count on a refund for the time being.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

Good day!

ps Lean less on concepts from neoclassical economics and more on experts, argues Piet Rietman. And then you will see that there is indeed a good incentive to make people work: help instead of resistance.

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