Housing protest: not 1, but 4 billion euros needed to tackle housing shortage

They call for a structural review of the government’s housing policy. To achieve this, the organizations presented ten points with measures that should be taken.

For example, the government should allocate at least 4 billion euros extra per year to ensure, among other things, affordable housing and sustainability. In the leaked plans for Budget Day, the caretaker cabinet has released 1 billion euros for the construction of extra homes, spread over ten years.

The organizations also call for the affordability of housing to be guaranteed. To this end, rents should be regulated, including in the free sector. In order to prevent the prices of owner-occupied homes from driving up, wealth should be taxed more heavily and income from work less.

‘Speed ​​up mortgage interest deduction’

Furthermore, the mortgage interest deduction must be reduced more quickly and the landlord levy for housing associations must disappear, according to the organizations. Landlords should obtain a permit for this.

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