How a Mercedes Sprinter became a fully equipped motorhome

The couple who commissioned the construction were directly involved in the interior design

Advanced RV

The Advanced RV company has built a 3.6-meter-long Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 into a tiny home on wheels. “The Last Resort” was designed for a couple who chose “van life”.

Mike Neundorfer founded the company in 2012 that converts Sprinter into motorhomes. The former mechanical engineer sold his pollution control company and started building RVs, including The Last Resort, which was completed in January.

The couple who commissioned the construction sold their house after the children moved out. They decided it was time to travel. Your Tiny Home on wheels should therefore be disconnected from the public supply network so that you can drive it both in the city and in the great outdoors.

According to Advanced RV, every inch of the space was used for the interior of “The Last Resort”. The couple were also directly involved in the design and decided on the upholstery and worktops of their new motorhome.

With your motorhome you can now travel around the country in peace. Here you can see how the Mercedes Sprinters became a tiny home on wheels:

A Mercedes Sprinter was converted into a motorhome – with a kitchen, two showers and a bed

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