How are the previous Temptation Island USA couples doing?

With the start of this new series, it is high time to take a look back at the previous couples of Temptation Island USA. When they boarded a plane to the Hawaiian island of Maui, many a candidate left their decency on the mainland. How much can their relationship really take? The answer turns out to be simple: not enough to survive the adventure.

David and Kate

David and Kate: a couple that you will not soon forget. They had been together for three years at the time of shooting, but their relationship already looked so toxic on screen that as a viewer you wanted nothing more than for these two to go their separate ways. So did David. He broke the rules he had made with Kate and ran off after an adventure with Toneata.

That relationship did not last either. David and Kate then tried again, but this time the cake was really over. Kate is currently happy with spa owner Anand Sukhadia. David, meanwhile, has protected his social media accounts and leads a fairly anonymous life.

Rick and Ashley

Rick and Ashley were all done with their on-again, off-again relationship just before filming. The light went on and off for four years. Because Rick was not always loyal to Ashley, she had her doubts about their participation. That is why it came as quite a surprise that she went into the suitcase on the very first evening with single KB. Rick seized the program to further explore his connection with Medina.

At one point, enough was real enough: Rick and Ashley pulled the plug on their relationship after they decided to Temptation Island to leave together. As far as is known, they are both single.

Gavin and Esonica

Gavin and Esonica. Despite the fact that they had only been together for 1.5 years at the time, fans of the program wanted nothing more than for this couple to survive the love experiment. At the end of the show, they said goodbye to each other anyway and Esonica left her Gavin with a broken heart.

Esonica left with her new sweetheart Kareem, but unfortunately for her, this holiday romance didn’t last. As far as is known, the two ex-lovers have not tried each other anymore and are still single.

Casey and Ashley

Casey and Ashley were one of the most controversial couples to enter. The duo was together for 1.5 years, but their relationship was very difficult. She demanded loyalty from party animal Casey after her trust in the past was betrayed by other men.

Soon it was no longer Casey with whom Ashley envisioned a future, but single Ben. Casey made another attempt to save their relationship over the campfire. He got on one knee before Ashley to propose to her, but he was obviously wearing blinders. Ashley wanted Ben.

During her relationship with Ben, however, she apparently popped up on Casey for a while and well, that meant the end of the new couple. There is no update on their relationship status. Ashley seems to be busy with her life in Los Angeles and Casey spends so much time in the gym (↓) that there seems to be no room for a new woman in his life. But what is not can still come.

The last three seasons of Temptation Island USA watch it now on Videoland.


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