How Biden intends to put the manufacturers under pressure

Newly arrived at the White House, Joe Biden reminded environmental agencies of his targets for CO2 emissions. The new President of the United States is taking up what the Obama administration had launched and wants to reduce polluting emissions linked to the automobile.

Ecology was a big topic of Biden’s campaign during the US presidential elections, and his first actions focused on the subject. The United States has notably reinstated the Paris Agreements, but its administration has other projects.

Biden wants to pick up on what the Obama administration said about car polluting emissions. Barack Obama had demanded that manufacturers reduce their CO2 emissions by 5% per year until 2026. They also had to have an average consumption of 4.32 l / 100 km over their entire range.

Once in power, Donald Trump unraveled the measures put in place by Obama and reduced the requirements. Unconvinced of the future of the electric automobile, Trump had bet on the oil industry. Biden therefore decided to backtrack and warned agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The new administration in place will therefore ask the agencies to set new standards with manufacturers. These will certainly have to return to an annual reduction of 5% in polluting emissions. In addition, he asked the EPA to re-allow California to set its own targets, which are more stringent than those of the federal government. Trump had revoked that authorization and a trial was held between him and the western state.


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