How Daimler missed a billion-dollar opportunity with Amazon’s e-delivery cars

Amazon has ordered 1,800 electric delivery vans from Daimler for Europe.

Amazon has ordered 1,800 electric delivery vans from Daimler for Europe.

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Amazon has ordered 1,800 electric delivery vans from Daimler and wants to use them to make the delivery of goods in Europe more sustainable. According to the press release, this is a step towards the climate goals that the US company has set for itself. Boss Jeff Bezos wants to make Amazon CO2-neutral by 2040 and thus anticipate the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement by ten years.

However, Amazon is taking a much bigger step with Rivian. Jeff Bezos chose this same Tesla competitor to equip the Amazon fleet in the USA with electric delivery vans. And not with 1,800, but with 100,000, which should roll on American roads by 2030.

Daimler had the chance to build Amazon’s US fleet as well

In view of this enormous difference, the placing of the order should not have caused any great joy at Daimler. Mainly because the Stuttgart-based company was also in the running for the order for the US region for a certain period of time.

Because with the E-Sprinter, Daimler has one of the best electric delivery vehicles in the world on the market, and Amazon knows that too. Its considerable range of 160 kilometers is particularly popular with customers, because electric delivery vans of comparable size usually drive much shorter distances before they have to be connected to the network. The smaller electric Vito has a range of between 150 and 190 kilometers.

But Daimler only sells the combustion version of the Sprinter in the USA. And that does not benefit the US company’s ambitious climate targets. It is uncertain whether Daimler will change that at some point. However, the Stuttgart-based automaker was not quick enough for Amazon to take the Stromer to America.

Jeff Bezos therefore decided on Rivian, a small electric car manufacturer who is sometimes traded as a Tesla competitor. Bezos bought himself into the company for 700 million US dollars, made it Amazon’s court coach and in the following years put another 3.8 billion US dollars into the company with co-investors. They are to tailor the 100,000 electric delivery vans with an order value of 4 billion US dollars to the needs of the internet retailer.

With a “dance floor” for the driver, a field of vision of 360 degrees and a range of 250 kilometers, the Rivian trucks are likely to be superior to those from Daimler in many respects – because they have neither particularly much space for the driver nor innovative external camera Options – and even have to cut back on range.

You can read here what exactly the electric delivery vans from Rivian can do and what they look like:



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