How do we keep all new payment methods safe?

The Mastercard Innovation Forum 2021 (MIF) will take place on Thursday 11 November at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Topics that will be discussed are the biggest payment challenges in the current post-pandemic era, open banking, innovations such as the digital debit card, sustainability and much more. RTL Z broadcasts various broadcasts from the event during the day.

In this fourth and final episode, Frederique Dormaar talks to payment expert Simon Lelieveldt. Because despite the fact that increasingly faster and ‘simpler’ payment provides a lot of convenience, it also brings new concerns with it. Especially in the field of safety.

Apple Pay, for example, has gained a lot of ground in a short time when it comes to payments and Facebook also launched its own payment method, the libra. But how desirable is it that we pay through these kinds of tech giants?

Payment expert Simon van Lelieveldt understands that people often opt for convenience, but indicates that not everyone is aware that the data of both the sender and the recipient is stored with every payment transaction. At banks we know that this is safe because there is worldwide supervision is held up, but what about tech giants like Apple and Facebook?

This video is made possible in part by Mastercard.

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