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How do you find love in times of pandemic?

The arrival of the corona virus creates a lot of hassle. Fortunately, beautiful things also happen. And what is the most beautiful thing in life? Right, love!

Because dating or finding love in times of a pandemic is a bit different. During the lockdown, you didn’t meet a dream man at the bar in the café, you didn’t spot a future girlfriend at a festival and the supermarket might not be the ideal place to flirt in this time.

Dating apps

An easy way for people to enter the dating circuit, despite the corona measures, are the well-known dating apps. Major players among these apps are Happn and Tinder. Spokesperson and “Head of Trends” of Happn, Marine Ravinet, explains which developments the famous dating app signals in the corona era. “Dating apps are being used more than ever. More than 215,000 users registered in the Netherlands Happn since March. During the lockdown, we saw that the number of messages via the app increased by 20 percent. At the time, people were cautious about meeting, so more conversations took place online. ” Ravinet says that these longer online conversations ensure a better bond.

She says a pandemic is not easy for singles who are left at home alone. “Dating apps are important to our users to maintain social interaction and avoid isolation.” Also, the video calling function is via Happn used more often. 56 percent are even considering video calling for a first date.

Three trillion swipes

Conculega Tinder does not have specific numbers in the Netherlands, but sees developments worldwide during the corona crisis. Spokesman Atilla Yörük says: “In Germany, the number of calls increased by 33 percent. The duration of these conversations increased by 17 percent. ” That Tinder was popular during corona is evident from the fact that on Sunday, March 29, the most “swipes” ever in the history of the dating app took place. “This was more than three trillion swipes worldwide.”

Tinder came up with another new initiative for the weekends called Swipe Night. In this way, users of the app spend “an evening in the city without leaving home”. Want to give Swipe Night a try? The interactive Swipe Night will start worldwide this Saturday.

Auto cinemas

Nevertheless, a pandemic does not have to be a reason for a forced bachelor life. Some lucky guys just got it done: finding love in times of corona. Mariska van den Hoeven (39) from Vianen, for example. On the phone she explains what special turn her love life took. “In March this year, my ex-husband and I decided to divorce after 15 years of marriage. Such a divorce is not nothing. ” Soon after her divorce, Van Den Hoeven got in touch with a boy from her village via social media. “I already knew him from parties and football. The contact was getting better and better and we decided to meet. But how do you agree in corona time when all locations for a date are closed? Then we went to car cinemas! ”

Mariska van den Hoeven
Mariska van den Hoeven and her new boyfriend. (Photo: Mariska van den Hoeven)

Van den Hoeven and her love drove to the river Lek manned with an iPad and snacks. “There we crawled in the back of the car and watched movies. But above all it gave us the opportunity to talk a lot. We maintained that throughout the lockdown. The car rides became our date. ” At the end of this month, the couple will receive the key to their new home. “The special thing is that everyone, including my ex-husband, is behind our relationship. It may have gone a bit quickly, but it is all right. ”

Quarantined together

Linde van der Heijden (30) from Tilburg started dating her current boyfriend at the end of February. “A few weeks later, after the infamous press conference, we foresaw a lockdown. I asked him very romantically if he wanted to be quarantined with me and he said yes. ”

“He lives in Utrecht and I in Tilburg, which made us dependent on public transport. We thought dating did not fall into the “travel alone absolutely necessary” category. ” And that means that Van der Heijden and her flame could choose not to see each other for months or to live together. “We chose the latter.”

It was the first time for the turtledoves that they had ever moved in with anyone. Fortunately, that worked out well. We work at home, cook, exercise and eat together and that was a great time. After living together for a month, we really started dating each other. And now we’ve been together for six months. ”

Linde van der Heijden and her lover
Linde van der Heijden and her lover (Photo: Linde van de Heijden

German love

Irina Verwer (39) fell head over heels in love with a German man last fall, shortly after her 16-year marriage ended. At the beginning of January she and her new love decided to live together in Berlin at the end of April. “That meant that I would emigrate. March 14, we heard that Germany would close its borders. ” Verwer and her German “Liebe” had to take action. “On the night of March 14-15, I packed the moving boxes and the next day we drove to Germany in the evening. I immediately lost my familiar environment and my work. In Berlin we went into lockdown. I was the last registration in the city before the town hall closed. ”

Since that day, Verwer and her boyfriend have been together 24/7. “That is going very well. We are happy and overcome all obstacles in our way. It is precisely by jumping into the deep end that our relationship has deepened and grown enormously. ”

Irina Verwer and her German friend Florian Geldner
Irina Verwer and her German friend Florian Geldner (Photo: Irina Verwer)

Cupid in corona time

Minou van Os (24) from Amsterdam was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in October. “I found out that it is quite annoying to bring this up when I am dating someone. Around me I heard others diagnosed with type 1 have the same experience. ” Van Os thought that dating fellow diabetes patients might be the solution. “It took some time, but I eventually created the Facebook group DiaDating in July. A week ago I found out that the first “DiaDate relationship” is a fact. I feel like a real cupid in this time of corona. ”

Minou van Os
Minou van Os (Photo: Minou van Os)

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How do you find love in times of pandemic?


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