How Germany, France and Italy go into the second lockdown

“We are being overwhelmed by the accelerating epidemic,” warned French President Emmanuel Macron. He and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to explain themselves to parliament today. Hot debates have been announced.

Emergency aid packages

Germany wants to cushion the restrictions with ten billion euros. Restaurants can claim up to 75 percent of their previous year’s sales in November 2019. Italy has launched an emergency aid package worth five billion euros.

In Italy, however, many do not believe in it and protested loudly. The protests escalated in Verona, firecrackers and smoke bombs were shot down, and the police then used tear gas. There were also demonstrations in Bari, Genoa and Palermo.

Some regions are resisting government measures. The region of Sicily decided that restaurants could stay open until 11 p.m. In Puglia, southern Italy, all schools will be closed from tomorrow, Friday.

The governments are trying not to shut down the economy completely. In contrast to spring, no belts stand still.


“We are held jointly liable for a symbolic policy,” said the managing director of the renowned three-division house in Stuttgart, Marc-Oliver Hendriks, of the German press agency. “It hurts.”


Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) has called on those affected to take legal action against drastic corona measures. “I think the current resolutions are partly illegal. When the group of heads of government agree on measures that have already been overturned several times by the courts, such as the ban on accommodation, then those involved consciously ignore the separation of powers. I call on all those affected to take legal action against these measures, “said Kubicki of the” Rheinische Post “.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn defended the tough measures against the pandemic agreed by the federal and state governments by the end of November. It was a difficult time for those affected, but contacts absolutely had to be reduced, said the CDU politician. “I don’t want to wait until the intensive care units are overcrowded,” he said. “If they’re overcrowded, it’s too late.”

He himself got a different view of the pandemic through his own corona illness. The experience made him “humble,” said Spahn.


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