How Gretchen Carlson brought down one of the most powerful men in the media

We know a lot about what happened because there was a lot of and well researched for the film “Bombshell” and the TV series “The Loudest Voice”. Where did you get the courage from to be the first in the media business to defend yourself against the attacks and to file a lawsuit?

I noticed this courage from an early age. My parents raised me to object to injustices, and that goes back to kindergarten and elementary school for me. I was put in a group of students who couldn’t read, and I protested until I was put in the right group because I could read. This story may be a minor matter, but it is important because it could have disrupted my academic development. And it says a lot about the need to raise little girls in particular to raise their voices. Now, that’s not to say the decision to sue one of the most powerful men in the world in July 2016 was an easy one. It pent up in me for a long time when I realized that the career I had built over 25 years could be stolen from me. But I also knew that if I didn’t say anything in my position, who should?

What made you decide to set up organizations to try to prevent this type of behavior in the workplace?

It was never my plan to become the figurehead against sexual harassment in the workplace. I don’t think that’s anyone’s plan. But I knew that I had to make the most of my situation and use my position to bring about change. I’ve been doing this for four years now. And we’ve come a long way. Four years ago, no woman was believed to blame her boss or colleague. The first thing my attorney said to me in 2016 was, ‘You’re going to be dragged through the mud in a way you’ve never seen before. People will portray you as a liar ’. And that’s exactly what happened. But women are believed today. And the accused no longer receive this massive severance payment. Roger Ailes was dispatched for $ 40 million, even if there were enough reasons not to fire him. But two years later, CBS boss Les Moonves was fired for the same reasons, and his originally contracted $ 20 million went to organizations to protect women. This is a very strong development.

Do you believe that “Lift Our Voices” will soon make these agreements of silence null and void?

Yes, I believe in it because I am slowly seeing progress and because I know that I cannot be stopped. I will never stop fighting for it, never. It’s not in my nature. All of these social movements take a long time, but I’ve seen small successes in the past four years that give me courage.


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