How important is sustainability to you?

Check yourself out: food, clothing, vacation or cars – many of us change our behavior unconsciously or consciously. Dealing with the limited resources of our earth is gaining in importance for more and more people in many areas of life. Global warming is man-made, and the most recent extreme weather events also caused doubters to ponder. Climate change has long been a regular topic. Is that why you do without a car? No thank you! Switch to an electric car? Maybe. But how? More and more habits are being consciously changed, purchasing decisions are being made from new perspectives, and personal mobility is also being reconsidered. Does it have to be my own car? Does it even have to be one? In the new Kia EV6, the seat fabrics are made from 111 PET bottles.

Your opinion is asked!

At AUTO BILD, we want to better understand how important sustainability is to you and what influence this has on your consumption and mobility behavior. We would be delighted if you would take the time to take our survey. Already now: thank you very much for your opinion!

Click here for the survey:

Take our survey and with a little luck you could win one of five Twercs tool sets.

You can win that

As a thank you, we are giving away to all participants five Twercs tool sets from Vorwerk. The Twercs Toolset includes four high-quality cordless tools with a charging system in a tool case: cordless jigsaw, cordless hot glue gun, cordless drill and cordless tacker.

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