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How many episodes does ‘WandaVision’ really have? Disney says 9, but more and more hints about extra episode

Officially, the first season of WandaVision. Then the ninth and final episode will appear on Disney +. However, a lot of fans think there is one more secret extra episode … and they have several reasons for that.

Ever since the launch of WandaVision on Disney +, the streaming service had announced that the Marvel series would consist of nine episodes. Yet recently rumors regularly surfaced that an extra episode would have been added to the extremely popular program.

Error from agency

The first reports about this surfaced last weekend when Disney + posted a message on Twitter stating “Only two episodes left(“Only two episodes left”). Many understood it as a subtle hint from Disney that there were two more episodes after the just released eighth episode.

In hindsight it was probably just a misunderstanding, but there is still more evidence about a secret tenth episode. Some time ago STW Talent Agency posted a message on Facebook that their client Selena Anduze (SWORD’s Agent Rodriguez) will be seen in “Episode 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10”. The post was deleted shortly after and changed by another post, but the website The Direct was able to keep a screenshot.

Only in planning Disney +

Believers of the theory that there is another tenth episode of it WandaVision point out that this works out perfectly for Disney + in terms of planning. That tenth episode would then show in on March 12, while a week later on March 19 the next Marvel series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier starts on Disney +. Connecting these series perfectly to each other is strategically interesting for the many viewers of WandaVision to hold on.

Many other viewers do not believe in the existence of an extra episode. According to them, the ’10’ in the message from STW Talent Agency points to the short extra fragment that Marvel always hides in its credits.

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