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How many people can you receive at home and in the garden?

Our readers Hester, John, Kim and Conny are wondering about this.

Until June 1

Until June 1, the guideline is still to invite a maximum of 3 people who do not live in the house. One and a half meters must then be kept mutually. This is a guideline and will not be enforced.

But there is one condition: if there is nuisance, enforcement will continue. That nuisance must then be reported by someone and then it is up to the agent or boa to decide what happens: nothing, warn, break up the meeting or issue fines. This also applies if there is a loud party outside corona time.

The guidelines that apply both indoors and outdoors until 1 June are explained here again.

No limit after June 1

After June 1, there is no longer a limit for the number of visitors. However, it still applies that a distance must be kept and that nuisance must be maintained. Inviting a group of friends to a dinner in the garden or giving a party is therefore allowed, as long as there is a distance and there is no nuisance.

But how does the distance rule work? The one and a half meter distance applies both indoors and outdoors if you meet with others. Those who belong to one household do not have to keep a distance between themselves.

According to the government, a household consists of spouses, (registered) partners, resident children and (grand) parents who live at one address. They may come within a meter and a half of each other at home and on the street.

Keep distance

So five students living in one house do not count as household. Parents who meet with their children living away from home are a family but not a household. They can therefore also be fined if they do not keep their distance.

In addition to households, there is an exception to the distance rule: children up to and including the age of twelve do not have to keep a distance between themselves. Older children must keep their distance.

What about when I meet up with friends in a park?

Outdoors: avoid crowds and take your own responsibility. From June 1, group formation is only allowed with more than two people if one and a half meters are kept apart.

“If you sit with four or five people in a park, by distance, you can. If that becomes too large a group, it will quickly become a run-up,” said Rutte last night during the press conference about people sitting outside. But how big is big?

That’s up to the boas and agents to determine. They estimate the situation: is it going well and is there enough distance? The boa or agent then determines what happens: nothing, warn or hand out a fine.

The municipalities have the responsibility for distance and group formation in public space. They determine whether it is necessary, for example, to set up walking routes. But a municipality can also prohibit group formation in certain places, such as in a park.

Organized gatherings that require permits, such as street parties or festivals, remain prohibited.


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