How much money do you need to invest to become a millionaire?

In lesson 7 everything about a topic that many investors are interested in: gaining financial freedom by investing. How much money do you have to set aside if you want to invest €1,000,000? Janneke shares a few handy calculations: from €100 to €5,000 per month, something for every budget.

‘Investing for Beginners’ is part of the RTL Z Beursspel Academy, the digital lecture room where the basics of investing are explained. The ideal preparation to appear well at the start of the RTL Z Beursspel.

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Between Monday September 26 and Friday October 22, RTL Z broadcasts the Beursspel Academy 4 times a day. Get to grips with investing and soon take the first steps on the stock exchange floor.

Turbos are complex instruments and carry a high risk of rapidly accumulating losses due to their leverage effect. 7 out of 10 retail investors lose money trading turbos. It is important to understand how turbos work and whether you can afford the high risk of loss. This is a mandatory notification based on the AFM decision of 30 June 2021.

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