How Strasbourg intends to get out of diesel

Crit'Air 2 sticker

The Strasbourg Eurometropolis has just communicated its timetable for a diesel ban for 2028.

Due to the regular overshoots of air pollution thresholds, the Strasbourg Eurometropolis is preparing to implement its low-emission zone on January 1, 2022. A calendar has just been communicated which indicates the stages of progressive separation of vehicles considered to be polluting.

Based on the Crit’Air system, it includes phases of tolerance before sanctions rain down. It is a question of carrying out a little pedagogy, and of giving time to the inhabitants of the 33 communes which make up the metropolis of Strasbourg to get used to the new constraints.

Thus, vehicles without a sticker or bearing the Crit’Air 5 badge will be designated as undesirable from the beginning of next year. But the verbalization will not begin for them until the 1er January 2023.

Crit’Air 51er January 20221er January 2023
Crit’Air 41er January 20231er January 2025
Crit’Air 31er January 20241er January 2027
Crit’Air 21er January 20251er January 2028

End of diesel in early 2028

From the 1er January 2028, diesel vehicles, as well as the most polluting petrol models will be banned from circulation throughout the Eurometropolis. In any case, this is the scenario that the Metropolitan Council will be called upon to adopt on July 12.

Concretely, concerning passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (lorries, coaches and buses), from the start of 2028, only electric models with battery and / or hydrogen cell, rechargeable hybrids, vehicles running on gas like CNG, and those with gasoline engine put into circulation from 1er January 2011.

Petrol motorcycles and mopeds respectively prior to 1er January 2017 and 1er January 2018.

In total, more than 135,000 vehicles considered to be too polluting will have to be abandoned by 2028. Beforehand, a citizen consultation will be offered from May 10 to the inhabitants of the territory through the Web ( The information site is already available, as well as a telephone line (toll-free number 0800 100 267) open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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