How Tesla escapes the semiconductor crisis

With the agility of a start-up, Tesla bypasses the semiconductor shortage and continues production of its vehicles.

The vast majority of automakers face the widespread shortage of semiconductors. When Peugeot has to go back to the analog meter, Tesla rethinks its strategy. The manufacturer had to close its Fremont plant for a few days last quarter. During this time, several of its competitors are shutting down certain production lines for several weeks.

In the end, the American manufacturer managed to quickly find a solution to a global crisis which, according to the CEO of Intel, could settle in the long term.

If the impact of the shortage will still be felt during the second and third quarter for the brand’s vehicles, the manufacturer announced that it had found an effective solution in the last letter sent to shareholders. Indeed, the company has developed a new version of its software. This allows the Californian group to adapt to microprocessors from different manufacturers. Thus, the manufacturer can continue to produce by installing the chips available on the market and without relying on a single supplier.


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