How Tesla is making its new 4680 cells

Tesla has revealed on video the first images of the manufacturing of its next-generation 4680 battery cells.

During its Battery Day in September 2020, Tesla announced the production of a whole new generation of cells. Named 4680 in reference to its size, this cell will be found in the Model 3 and Model Y. But it is especially for the Cybertruck and the Semi, the pick-up and the truck, that these cells will be used.

The brand has entrusted the manufacture of 4680 cells to several partners such as Panasonic but will also manufacture them. The Fremont pilot plant is the site where Tesla has installed the production of the first 4680 cells. It should eventually produce the equivalent of 10 GWh of energy per year. Subsequently, Gigafactory Berlin will produce the majority of the 4680, and Tesla expects 250 GWh of annual production capacity.

The firm of Elon Musk thus showed in video the start of production at Fremont. Thanks to this and to a website specializing in recruitment, she wants to attract additional employees. The majority of vacancies in Berlin and Texas are for positions in engineering, manufacturing, materials and operations.

“We need to produce more affordable electric cars and energy storage in order to successfully transition to sustainable energies”, explains Tesla. “We also need to build factories faster and at lower costs. The key to this is the production of batteries at the terawatt scale, and much more affordable cells. “


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