How to get Windows under your control

Windows under control – with free programs you can remove Windows stumbling blocks and service brakes. To make Windows do what you want, we have specially programmed some of the tools mentioned here. You will therefore find these programs exclusively with us.

Many things have got used to Microsoft Windows. For example, the restart mania – many installations and updates annoy with constant restart prompts. Windows behavior doesn’t always have to be accepted. Windows is often sufficient to restart Explorer instead of restarting – to stick to our example. This is much faster and is child’s play thanks to the freeware KillEx. What else annoys you about Windows? The awkward arrangement of many open windows? Or that the most important Windows settings are spread across all possible menus? For all these problems (and a few more) we have put together tools and some of them specially programmed. You will therefore find some of the free programs exclusively with us.

Especially with Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft took a step back in the eyes of many critical users. And in Windows 10, some weren’t taken away with all of the popular features. However, due to some unloved features and habits, you don’t have to do without the improved security architecture and years of updates. Don’t like the Windows store? Just switch it off. Do you hate the sensitive corners of Windows 8, which show the Charms bar at the slightest mouse pointer approach? Just screw the sensitivity down vigorously.

Because of a few annoyances, you don’t have to be the same

                                                                                                                    look for Windows alternatives.
                                             With the right helpers, you can quickly gain full control over Windows and get stumbling blocks and service brakes out of the way.


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