How to survive the heat in the car – beware of flip-flops

The current heat wave poses major challenges for drivers. Concentration and the ability to react suffer, the risk of accidents increases. The Dekra gives tips.

With “heat stress”, as Dekra calls it, drivers find it harder to concentrate. You react more slowly and also make more driving mistakes.

The best protection against too much heat in the car is an efficient air conditioning system. You could have them checked again before longer trips in extreme heat if you have the impression that the cooling capacity has decreased. If necessary, coolant is then topped up or a leak is eliminated.

If possible, always park your vehicle in underground garages or at least in the shade. Sun protection mats and roller blinds can reduce the heating of a car parked in the sun. Also cover the steering wheel, otherwise it can get uncomfortably hot.

The best way to eliminate heat build-up in the car is to open the doors and tailgate for a minute before driving off. This helps to cool down quickly after driving off: with the windows closed, set the air conditioning to recirculation, a high blower output and a low temperature and adjust it later.

Do not cool down the interior too much to avoid suffering a heat shock when you get out. Experts recommend a difference of six to eight degrees Celsius.

Never leave children or animals alone in the car in the summer heat – not even just for a short purchase. The plastic casing of child seats can also become very hot in direct sunlight and cause burns in the child.

Do not ride with flip flops or bare feet, as the foot can slip off the pedal more easily than with a firm sole.

Driving with your upper body bare can be uncomfortable when you brake hard: A lot of frictional heat develops between the belt and the skin, which can cause painful burn injuries. So better wear a shirt.

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