How to use WhatsApp on PC, iPad and Android tablet

Use WhatsApp on the PC – the desktop offers tangible advantages: Because with a correct keyboard, it is typing faster than on a smartphone. And you can see more at a glance because the monitor is bigger. WhatsApp can also be used on the iPad or tablet.

Below we explain step by step how to set up WhatsApp on your PC / notebook, iPad or tablet. To do this, go to the website on a PC or tablet and at the same time open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android device or iPhone. Practical innovation in WhatsApp: Since Up to eight people can make video group calls at the end of April 2020 take part.

Set up WhatsApp Web – chat in the PC browser

In WhatsApp (on your smartphone) you will find a menu entry called “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” under “Settings” (iOS) or in the three-point menu (Android). This is a simple QR code scanner.

Here is the corresponding menu in the iOS version of Whatsapp.

So you don’t need to install an additional QR code scanning app. Open the website on the computer Now hold the activated scanner in Whatsapp on the code on the monitor of your computer and wait until the code has been scanned. This is done quickly, over the stage.

These browsers are supported by WhatsApp:

Internet Explorer, however, is not supported.

Your WhatsApp view with your contacts and chat windows will now open in the browser window. Even the chat history is there and the possibility to send pictures, emojis or voice messages. You can now use Whatsapp in the browser on your computer as you wish.

About the three dots in the top bar


you can log out of Whatsapp in your PC browser.


The WhatsApp chat runs over the internet connection of your smartphone. To protect your MB credit, you should therefore have activated a WLAN connection. In addition, WhatsApp Web is consuming on your smartphone’s battery. So you should charge it if you want to use it longer.

And here is the short summary for the above:

WhatsApp on the PC:

  1. open on the PC in the browser
  2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone
  3. Open the menu item “WhatsApp Web” there
  4. Point the QR scanner at the PC screen

Show video description

Recently, Whatsapp can also be used conveniently on the PC – this is very practical, especially for longer chat sessions. We’ll show you how it works in this video.

WhatsApp is also available for download on the PC

If you use Windows 10, you can WhatsApp also on the PC as a program load and use there. WhatsApp offers WhatsApp Desktop for this. There is also an app available for macOS.

Use WhatsApp on the iPad

  1. Smartphone and iPad must be connected to the Internet (WiFi connection is sufficient)
  2. Start Safari on iPad
  3. Open the Whatsapp website
  4. If you are redirected to the Whatsapp homepage,

    Then do the following: Tap the “aA” to the left of Safari’s address bar and then tap “Get Desktop Website”. Otherwise, go directly to step 4.

  5. Now open Whatsapp on your smartphone
  6. Open the “WhatsApp Web / Desktop” menu item under “Settings” (for an iPhone) or via the 3-point menu (for an Android smartphone).
  7. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the PC screen
  8. After a few seconds, the connection between on your iPad and the Whatsapp app on your smartphone is established. You can now use Whatsapp as usual on the iPad.

Via the menu with the small and the large “A” you can select “Request desktop website”.

Safari opens the desktop page perfectly on our iPad. We can now scan the QR code with our smartphone.

And now we can use Whatsapp on our iPad. The iPad is connected to the Internet via WiFi and our smartphone is next to it with the Whatsapp app started.

Use WhatsApp on the tablet: With APK file

WhatsApp also works on an Android tablet via a trick. As long as the tablet is on a WiFi network, you can send messages free of charge. Here’s how to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet:

  1. the WhatsApp app via the the desktop page as an APK (; you must first allow the APK file to be downloaded on the tablet via “Settings> Security> Unknown origin”). If the page redirects you directly to Google Play: the APK file on a PC and then copy the file to the tablet.
  2. Open the APK app in the file manager. If you get an error message about the unsupported operation on tablets, click “Okay”
  3. Enter a landline number on WhatsApp. Since Whatsapp cannot send the usual activation SMS to the tablet, a corresponding message appears with the “Call me” button.
  4. Tap on it. You will receive a six-digit activation code by voice call.
  5. Enter the code on the tablet. You can then use Whatsapp on the Android tablet.

Use WhatsApp on the tablet: With

You can also try to go to on an Android tablet. Again, you have to force the browser to open the desktop version of this page. This is done using the corresponding option in the browser. Then proceed exactly as described above for the iPad from step 5.

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