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How you can get over to sports regularly despite a full-time job

Boost your motivation

In order to avoid losing your interest in sport after a few weeks, you should be clear about the reasons why you want to integrate more exercise into your everyday life. Therefore, according to Kerulis, it makes sense to make a list of reasons that shows you exactly this. You can also try little tricks to make it easier for you to stick to your plan. For example, it can help if you put on your sportswear in the office before you set off.

According to Kerulis, you can also take your time to find the sport that inspires you in the long term. Try new things and don’t be too strict with yourself if you need a few tries. You are most likely to stay on the ball long term if you stick to a schedule. These can be fixed days of the week on which you do sports. As an alternative, those who work in shifts can also plan a certain number of days.


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