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Maybe they should think about the name again. HR-V e: HEV. That’s a lot of letters for a small car that actually only has one thing in mind: It’s fun to save fuel! Welcome third generation Honda HR-V! And it has it all. Nothing more pure gasoline or diesel, from now on there is only Hybrid. Honda has 20 years of experience in double-heart drive and is providing a kind of Electric gasoline engine on the wheels. (Important tips for buying a new car on the Internet)


Honda HR-V

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We have to explain. The two Electric motors have with 131 hp more power and with 253 Nm almost twice as much torque as him 1.5 petrol engine, which makes 107 hp and presses 131 Nm on the crankshaft. It goes without saying that the stronger ones take on the brunt, and that’s how the HR-V drives in the city electric go, only when a higher torque is required does it go into the Hybrid mode over, then the combustion engine announces itself loudly when it generates energy for the electric motors.
Honda HR-V e: HEV

Sparrow thirst: With 4.8 l / 100 on the test round, the HR-V e: HEV is even below the standard consumption.

Excess power from the burner goes into the battery packwhich is also charged when braking. Who else then “Econ” mode selects, adjusts air conditioning and throttle acceptance on the back burner, undercuts that WLTP consumption: It is 5.4 l on paper, in our test round it was 4.8 – and it was no economy trip!
Honda HR-V e: HEV

Quite dynamic: the chassis has a tendency towards sport, the steering is communicative and direct.

When it comes to the chassis, Honda relies on balance

How does that feel? Well, we started with Highway, and the petrol engine responds to any request rapid acceleration with strained Roar. The HR-V’s territory is the city, here it drives electrically, here it saves; and if you understand this car as it is, namely as a glider, then it is Save fuel your new hobby. You can’t feel the interplay between electric motors and gasoline engines, only hear that landing gear is balanced with a penchant for sports that steering communicative and direct. The fact that the new HR-V looks the way it looks is thanks to its customers, who were allowed to have a say. Result: sloping roofline, rear door handles hidden in the C-pillar, 18 inch aluminum are series. Good thing, because they let him compact crossover look pretty fat.

Honda HR-V e: HEV

Fine driving manners, fine interior: Honda has given the HR-V Hybrid some really good ingredients.

Price: Honda charges 30,400 euros for the hybrid

Good too interior, there is a love for detail in here. Thick Three-spoke sports steering wheel, Rotary wheel for the ventilation nozzles, central Touch display for Navi and multimedia, including the air conditioning unit – everything self-explanatory, practical and good. Speaking of good: we need to get over that Rear seating concept speak called “Magic Seats”. Like in jazz the seats can be folded up; Honda promises: fold it down and slide in two mountain bikes with the front wheels removed. In a 4.34 meter car! Oh yes, the price: 30,400 euros, Series are Navi with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Heated seats in front, parking aid all around. And these letters on the stern: HR-V e: HEV. We have to remember! (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)
Technical data Honda HR-V e: HEV • Gasoline engine: four-cylinder, transverse at the front • Displacement: 1498 cm³ • Power: 79 kW (107 PS) at 6000 / min • Maximum torque: 131 Nm at 4500 / min • Two electric motors: 96 kW (131 PS) • Max . Torque: 253 Nm • Drive: front-wheel drive, e-CVT • Length / width / height: 4340/1790/1582 mm • Empty weight: 1452 kg • Luggage compartment: 335-1305 l • 0-100 km / h: 10.6 s • Vmax: 170 km / h • Consumption: 5.4 l / 100 km (Super) • CO2 emissions: 122 g / km • price 30,400 euros.

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