HTC to reveal black AirPods clone

This is evident from images leaked through the Taiwanese communication watchdog. This must approve the earplugs before they can be sold in the country.

The earplugs in the photos are broadly similar to Apple’s, with a few minor differences. For example, the stems have magnetic charging points, so you have to put the devices in the battery box otherwise. This box is powered with a USB-C cable.


The biggest difference, however, is in the color: HTC’s earplugs are sold in black, while Apple’s AirPods are only available in white. With this, HTC can sometimes find a deduction from a large group of customers who have been hoping for a black variant for years.

HTC is not the only one trying to compete with a black AirPods variant: the Chinese Huawei has already done the same with its FreeBuds, which in design are also very similar to the Apple caps.

Unveiled soon

It’s not known when HTC will unveil its wireless earplugs, but it shouldn’t be long. Typically, a product is sent to the communication watchdog for approval a few weeks in advance.


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